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Children play with smartphone too

  Publication date: 2012-06-25
  Author: admin

3DWPT team prepares to release new entertainment application for children. Application platform is still Android. More details will be known in July of this year.

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Welcome to 3D World of Packthings

Every owner of smart phone dreams about device gadgets, being able to amaze his friends and nearests. But most of all everyone dreams to have always favourite thing with himself (herself) or have one that brings luck. In most cases it's impossible because thing has big size or is object of imaginary world of game.

However this problem can be solved by Packthing. Packthing® is unique smart phone program which allow to device owner keep in pocket absolutely every thing as from real world so from imaginary one.

Packthing® is three-dimensional object; it's all beginnig from tank and completing by fantasy dragon.

   Packthing® is aderation object, been placed on monitor of device, and it's not trite image but is 3D object.

   The application advantage and difference from 3D games for phones is high quality of textures. Application Packthing® is yet presented for Android OS only, but in near future it will be released for iOS and BlackBerry.

Application doesn't use a lot of resourses and needn't connection with Internet. Application interface is so easy that even a child can work with it. This interface is just three elements:

- turn object counterclockwise;

- turn object clockwise;

- information about application.

New WAR is coming in world!

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